Building Concept and Design

The facade is “pressing two palms together”, a Buddhist gesture of Respect to welcome kind souls and well-doers from all walks of life.

The Beauty of Simplicity and Serenity
The articulated design of Dhammakaya Centre (Singapore) building is an expression of simplicity and tranquillity. Its interior spatial configurations at every storey within the building exemplifies the dedicated needs of the temple. The magnificent Dhammachai Meditation Hall on the 2nd storey is crafted out of a column-free space that can accommodate more meditators, which is a manifestation of harmonised architecture and structural designs.

A Durable and Easy to Care Building
As the main nature of DCS is practicing meditation and spiritual cultivation, the new building had to be spacious and versatile with minimal maintenance. Hence, the building concepts were Cost-effective Materials, Multi-functional Room Designs, Simple & Spacious Interior.